Beach Holiday Candies

Energy value990 kJ (237 kcal)
Protein0 g
Carbohydrates96 g
- of which sugars0 g
- of which polyhydric alcohols96 g
Fat0 g
- of which saturates0 g
- of which cholesterol0 mg
Fibers0 g
Sodium0 g

Beach Holiday Candies

Pack your swimwear together with a few Halter candies. Ideal for travel agencies wanting to whet holidaymakers’ appetites with pretty holiday motifs. Melon, cherry, apple and lemon-flavoured candies. Sugar free and tooth-friendly. In four languages: German, French, Italian and English. Three colorful motifs.

Bonbons Danke Merci Grazie

Bonbons Bonne Chance

Bonbons pour Dentistes

Bonbons Bonne Route

Bonbons Joyeuses Pâques

Bonbons Joyeuses Fêtes

Bonbons avec Locutions Latines

Caramel Original

Caramel Extra Mou








Cafe & Chocolate

Caramel & Chocolat

Orange & Chocolat

Mint & Chocolat

Rasberry & Chocalat

Haschi Original


The perfect candy for every occasion!

These handy, individually wrapped candies are available in various flavors, in a fine mix of flavors and for special occasions. Be it as a little thank-you, for Christmas or Easter, as a sweet little something, or "just because": Our flow-packed candies are sure to delight.