Top quality is our number one priority. Quality starts with the raw materials that we do our best to source from Switzerland. 
We produce exclusively in Switzerland, in order to guarantee our impeccably high standards.

Quality management

All quality related processes at Halter Bonbons AG are documented and controlled; this includes process operations, production and inspection instructions, protocols and other applicable documents. 
These rules apply to all employees, departments, suppliers, materials, ingredients and products.

Quality management certificates

Compliance with these rules is monitored periodically in audits. The recurring review conducted by independent external auditors confirms that both the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and the international "BRC Global Standard" requirements for food safety as defined by the British Retail Consortium, are fulfilled at the highest level in the production and packaging of our sweets.

Ethnic certificates

Kosher certification: We can comply with the detailed rules on procuring raw materials, preparing products, setting up production and handling utensils for strict kosher production.
Under the authority of Abraham-Yafe Schlesinger, head rabbi of the Israeli Orthodox Community in Geneva, we can produce selected products in line with kosher Parve code 108 & 109.


Halter candies not only taste good, they are also teeth-friendly 
– which is why our packs of sweet treats feature the Happy Tooth symbol, the quality sign for products that are safe for teeth.
Only products which have proven to be tooth-friendly in globally accepted scientific tests may be awarded the Happy Tooth symbol.
These tests also take into account the acid content of candies, 
i.e. "teeth-friendly" means more than just "sugar-free".

The Happy Tooth symbol was created in 1982 by Swiss dental universities and serves as a reliable consumer guide to healthy confectionery.