Switzerland's 1st confectionery manufactory


Otto Halter (baker and confectioner) and Albert Schillig (merchant and salesman) found their confectionery in Beinwil am See, in the heart of Switzerland, with five employees.

The 1st electric engine


The invention of an electric engine for the unrolling machine marks a breakthrough and means strong operators are no longer required.

Switzerland's 1st candies to combat coughs and catarrh


After much trial and error, the Haschi herb candy was created and registered as a trademark. It really was the Swiss who invented it! The name Haschi is derived from the names of the two company founders: Halter and Schillig. Herb candy advertising – extremely innovative for its day.

Switzerland's 1st Caramel candy


The "Nidelzältli" (soft caramel) made by confectioneries and skilled chefs enjoys increasing popularity. As of 1925 it is manufactured industrially, i.e. in large quantities and of a consistently high quality: Halter Caramel Mou is born, followed by Caramel Original 30 years later.

Switzerland's 1st confectionery factory


Halter increases its competitive edge with a new building in Beinwil am See and advanced automation.

The 1st dextrose and candies in bags and rolls


During the economic upswing following World War II, Halter recognizes a great need and launches bags and rolls of dextrose and candies.

The 1st export customer


Following many trips abroad, the first export customer is found in Hong Kong. In 1994, a professional export department is set up and a sustainable and continuous growth strategy is implemented.

Switzerland's 1st sugar-free candies in resealable packs


Early on, Halter recognizes the growing importance of sugar-free candies. The nearby cardboard packaging factory Zeiler develops a revolutionary, resealable pack (Zetklik), triggering a boom in the new packs of sugar-free candies.

The 1st hard caramel – beware, risk of addiction!


The sugar-coated caramel nuggets made from Swiss Alpine milk are a hit from day one. Major Swiss traders are keen to add the product to their range. But beware – Caramelino can be addictive!

Former bestsellers and discontinued products


Those who take great risks sometimes suffer great losses. There are products that have disappeared over time, e.g. Cola Mint, yet were bestsellers for years. But consumer needs change.